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The One in Five Club

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In this instance One in Five is not a statistic. I have read that apparently 1 in 5 married couples are in love with someone else other than their partner. Or more recently I read that 1 in 5 relationships were strengthened during Lockdown (hoorah if true). My One in Five is also about relationships but with a different take. This is a visual project around social relationships woven in with personal ones. There was no storyboards and no outline, we just created as we went along.

Welcome to the One in Five Club and let's tag ourselves in #

Back in the summer of 2019 I had a free Saturday to do a fun project photoshoot. I wanted to create images and a vibe inspired by the very hip Studio 54 from 1970s New York. We had obstacles of course. We were in 2019, we were shooting in Reading not in New York and there was no Jerry Hall, Cher or Farah Fawcett to oblige. Studio 54 was also originally a theatre with lots of character and prop lighting. BUT you know, what we lacked in the obvious we gained in our own creativeness. We had a lot of fun in the process and the outcome was very cool.

The fabulous people from the Facebar venue in Reading kindly allowed us to use their space

upstairs for the afternoon.

"We're here to live in the moment and not record every second for social media"

Originally my thought was to take images with the idea of converting them into black and white in post-production however as the shoot progressed, I decided I was liking the mood the colour images added so am using both.

Do I fit in here?

I do fit in here!

Let's party #

Let's party #

What is wonderful about doing this type of project is that there are no rules or obligations and everyone rolls with it often changing the direction of the shoot. It’s a great way to experiment and as the photographer I really get into ‘character’ too. Everyone was terrific because we were creating from scratch and ultimately it was about having a good time.

She's with him....

But has her eye on him!

The movers...

the groovers...

and the one in control

Everyone joined in with creating scenarios which included portraying love & love triangles, social isolation, social infatuation, loving others, loving themselves and fights just to name a few.

The lovers....

the fighters...

and some more

I welcome you to the One in Five Club and the big question is, next time, would you join us?

You there, come join us

The cast (most of them), it's a wrap.

Thank you fabulous people

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