What Feeds an Artist?

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Long way to the top - Col du Tourmalet, Pyranees
11th September 2009

Greetings to you all. The last couple weeks have been very busy so it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on everything.
Most recently on my list of reflection was my road trip to Europe which was so much fun and full of adventure. I think the traveller’s hat fits me well. Our journey began with an early morning ferry crossing to Calais then we hit the road and travelled down to Marennes in France. Marennes is famous for it’s oysters……
Ok, moving swiftly on, we then travelled down to the Pyranees via Bourdeaux and even managed to pop into a vineyard or 2 collecting some great bottles of wine on the way. If you’re after something a bit different, I can recommend some fabulous dessert wines from Chateau Piada which isn’t available in the UK.
The most incredible part of the journey for me was when we hit the Pyranees and snaked our way around the roads eventually hitting the Col du Tourmalet late afternoon. To get to Luz Saint Sauveur where we were staying we had to go over this mountain. It was amazing and to think those guys in Tour De France do this on bikes - it’s truly unbelievable. I have developed a new found deeper respect for them.
After a couple wonderful days in the Pyranees it was back on the road, destination Barcelona where we remained for the duration of our holiday. For those who have been there, you know what a beautiful city it is and for those who haven’t, add it as a ‘must go’ on your list – it is a great place.
So… what does all this have to do with photography?? Absolutely EVERYTHING… it’s these type of experiences that help carve an ‘artist’..

Coincidently I have been shooting a few mother / daughter combinations in recent sittings which has been loads of fun. Some generations apart in age and in manner, whilst others looked like sisters. Whatever the reason for this recent surge, I’d like to prompt some more father / son sittings – come on guys, get in touch.

Tattoo’s… I for one am a massive fan, they look great. I’ll be heading to old London town for the London Tattoo Convention which kicks off on the 25th September 2009, maybe I’ll see you there.

Gotta run, lots to do..

Thanks for the company.

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