Here comes the Bride...

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Electric...Photos: Dijana @ DVision Images...Assistant: John Zottl
This week kicks off the wedding season for me and I'm very excited about being chosen to capture the special day for Emma and James. Weddings are a fabulous way for a photographer to really show what their made of mixing different styles and bringing it all together, like a visual diary of the day. The post-production of a wedding is just as important and helping couples select their albums, print mediums is all part of the service. If you know someone who is getting married or you are the bride or groom to be, do touch base with me here at DVision Images.

I would like to thank the wonderful creative team at Electric Hair Salon in Reading for inviting me to take part in their in-house event at the Oakford Social Club recently with the Brighton and London staff joining the Kings Road team. It was a terrific night.

Currently we are enjoying the wonders of sunshine and over the weekend, after attending a wedding rehearsal, I took the opportunity to wander down to the beach and watch the world go by. It wasn’t long before the old camera came out and I started clicking away. I have a shot of a Fosters can embedded in the sand which made this little Aussie chuckle. However, didn’t think much of it being discarded like it was though.

Last blog I mentioned Devolution Magazine (Issue 25) which is out now. If you would like a copy please go to, it’s well worth a read and a great way to support a magazine that represents individual & creative thinkers and artists. It’s UK based with no huge corporation holding it together.

And finally, speaking of creative people, I’m pleased to say that I have more great makeup artists on my books ready to do their magic for DVision Images bookings.

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