The Proof is in the Print...

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Band:Frowser ****Photo: DVision Images
Summer finally feels like summer and with that comes lots of social gatherings, weddings, parties, festivals and outdoor events. Why not get in touch next time you’re having that once a year family summer gathering, it’s a terrific backdrop for some informal reportage, fun style photographs of the whole clan. Makes for wonderful memories.

I’ve been encouraging a lot of the brides and grooms that I have dealt with to look beyond the CD and see into post-wedding future. With digital domination, the humble print seems to have gone to the wayside however this is something that should be reconsidered. Picture this scenario - the confetti has settled, the honeymoon - a delicious memory and the fabulous wedding CD left sitting on the shelf with good intention to get some ‘prints done’?? I started life as a film photographer when the digital revolution was well on its way and I loved the feel of prints, something you could actually touch and was tangible. I have also fallen under the digital spell of having all my images electronically stored but now have a promise to myself to print up some of my own images every month. DVision Images can offer some wonderful albums for all budgets starting with the very reputable Graphic Studio Albums from Italy. These albums are also good for impressive model showcasing for those who are serious about getting noticed.

Embracing the season of festivals and music, DVision Images has some great promotional photography offers for bands needing a new range of press images to impress the world with. One of the bands I recently photographed was Frowser and what a great bunch of guys they are. As I’m typing this they are currently jetting it to New Jersey USA to show off their sound. Their album comes out on the 27th September – keep an eye out for it.

Finally just a reminder to those ladies out there wanting a fabulous summer makeover. In partnership with Nat Flindall Makeup, I am pleased to offer a £200.00 + package for the promotional price of £140.00. Please contact me for further details – it’s a fantastic offer.

Thanks for your company and don’t forget your factor in the sun!!