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Midday at the Split Fish Markets Croatia - end of trading
1st November 2010

Well hello good folks. It appears the summer months have flown by and now here I sit, 1st day of the 2nd last month of the year, admiring the autumn leaves popping up around the place. I love this time of year. I guess perhaps it always reminds me of my carefree days of backpacking. To avoid the costly traps of summer tourism, I’d wait until Autumn, then head out on lengthy adventures. I absolutely loved it. Travelling is something I still love to do. Very recently I had the opportunity to venture to Croatia and then onto southern Austria. We first hit Split, then travelled by boat to the Island of Brac to a town called Bol. Doubling back to Split, we then made our way to the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Having our bellies filled to the limit by family with food and my cousin’s own blackberry wine, we then hit the road again, destination Klagenfurt in Austria. It was amazing and so beautiful. On one of the days we were in Klagenfurt, we hired pushbikes (mine was dated with a large basket on the front which I actually became quite fond of – ‘his’ was much newer with more gears). We headed out to the fresh water lakes nearby, parked our bikes and basked on the jetty in the sun taking occasional dips in the lake. Moments like these makes me feel like time did stand still – it also reminds me how “busy” we sometimes get for no reason it seems. And speaking of’s nearly the end of 2010 already and I guess everyone is gearing up to the Christmas and New year’s break. DVision Images has a great menu of packages with particular emphasis this year on 2011 calendars and gorgeous makeover photoshoots. Please check my featured images section of my site to see if anything appeals.
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My next blog will be in 2011 and it’s way too early to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a happy new year but I guess, in a backhanded kind of way, I think I just did that.

Thanks for your company and stay in touch.