The World is a....Classroom.!!

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Sarah & Ian at The Eden Project
13th September 2011

Over the last 3 weeks or so I’ve heard lots of comments about this year being one of the worst summer seasons in well over a decade. This may be true statistically but for me, this has been an amazing summer. Professionally my work has taken me through lots of different locations and I can honestly say, in regards to weddings, I have not shot one locally to me this year to date. It is always a concern how the weather is going to be on any shoot day, particularly a wedding but I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot this special day at the amazing Eden Project a few weeks back for Sarah and Ian. As it turned out, it did rain and a lot that day, but there was not a damp soul in the biome. After all, set against such an amazing backdrop, it was like we were all outside. Thanks again to the wonderful couple.
I recently returned from a lovely holiday break in Croatia. I’m guessing this is one of the reasons that the lack of sun here in the UK has had little impact on me so far. (ask me in December though, could be a different story then). I took the time to photograph images I wouldn’t usually take and have become really fascinated with the graffiti which does litter a lot of the urban landscapes there. There is something quite nostalgic yet really edgy about it all. It’s been wonderful to record though I do say I actually found shooting in bright sun amazing – I was like a kid again. “oh look, afternoon shadows” , and I was able to use very, very low ISO.
Tonight I am packing again but this time I’m off to Ibiza. A great friend of mine is getting married there and my camera will be hidden in a very oversized pearly purse I’m sure. I think I could become one of those mischievous guests but I will be keeping a very keen eye on the European photographers who will be ‘officially’ taking the wedding photos. To me this is an amazing opportunity to be in an open classroom, sipping on champagne, enjoying the beach sunset but always observing and learning from other professionals.
Bon Voyage everyone and thanks for your time.