Too Many Thank You's... NEVER

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Blessing to a Burden (c) DVision Images; Assistant: Alex Green
With the British fever in full swing and Team GB shining through, I must admit it’s a great time to be here and to be part of the positive energy and celebrations that have currently gripped everyone around me. But one of my favourite aspects, irrespective of it being a very British year anyway, has always been the music festivals and the steely staying power of the festival goers, no matter the weather.
Guilfest 2012 was no exception with mud up to my calves one day, constant grey skies and drizzly rain another, to a teasing sunshine all day long with bouts of almost being roasted in the sun’s rays. My trusted canon, if it could speak, would surely tell me, enough is enough long before the fun-loving crowds. Band for the weekend for me was Feed The Rhino, check them out if you can.
Young, fresh and very talented UK band Blessing to a Burden took part in a taster promotional photo shoot with DVision Images a few weeks back. The location was an abandoned shopping centre which often stages war games, including ‘zombie survival horror’ events. Avoiding the dressed up ‘zombie’ areas, the technical challenges were enormous as power supply was limited and we worked pretty much in darkness or in low light throughout the whole shoot. I love the sublime muted tones this location produced. A big thanks to everyone who helped out, in particular my fabulous assistant Alex Green who ensured I lost nothing, had no broken bones and whose enthusiasm surpassed even mine. Also a big thanks to First & Only Airsoft for letting us use the location.
Yesterday afternoon was my 1st teaching session for the next round with a new group of youths introducing them to Studio Photography. They were a fabulous bunch. Totally creative and full of loads of energy – finishing up with a re-creation of a scene from Michael Jackson’s thriller scene, I’ll have to up my game at this rate. The advanced taster is next Monday afternoon with the full course commencing in October, will keep you posted.
And finally – a big congratulations to Donna and Cristian who married last Friday and thank you both for choosing me to capture your special day. A collection of images from their lovely day can be seen in my wedding section of my site – take a cheeky peak if you like – hope you feel inspired.
Thanks for your time.