Lets keep it spinning into 2013

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Tyler & his hula-hoop (c) DVision Images
There is, in my studio a tangled up pile of red, gold and silver tinsel on top of one of my prop chairs. (which also accompanies a large jar of feathers & a red fluffy pillow). Some have commented on this arrangement as being ‘avant-garde’ and quite ‘cool’. But the truth is, after I finished decorating the Christmas Tree, I ran out of time, threw the tinsel were it now lay and have not gone back to complete the task. What I like about this is that people actually thought I decorated this arrangement as it is, on purpose. Now that’s what I call artist latitude and for that I am grateful.
Here at DVision Images it’s been all about portraits in the run up to Christmas and it’s been a lot fun. I also provide fabulous calendars in boudoir style which have proven to be very popular indeed……
The current offers will continue into the New Year, including the Welcome Baby package and Celebrations Offer which are fabulously priced.
I was privileged enough to take part in this year’s Pride of Reading Awards at the Madejski recently, both as a photographer and a guest. Chris Tarrant presented and I’ve got to say I would defy anyone that had not shed a little tear at some point during the event. The individual’s nominated for the awards had such amazing stories of strength, character and it was very humbling indeed. A huge thanks to Reading Post for having this awesome event.
Looking back over 2012, it has been a great year for DVision Images which I feel confident will continue into the New Year. 2013 brings the “winds of change” for which I say “bring it on”.
Tyler is the little man in the picture and he has been coming to me to get his pictures taken since he was 5 months old. He’s wonderful and has a beautiful energy which certainly keeps me on my toes. I really wanted to capture this energy and balancing act of the hula-hoop as he was spinning it around. I guess, it reminds me of life in a way too, and how it’s all about the right positive energy, the right balances and of course, having fun. All the good stuff.
I’d like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and an amazing New Year.
See you on the other side.
Thanks for your time.