Wake Up Mrs Spring

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John "Drumbo" French & Denny "Feelers Reebo" Walley
Currently on my window sill near my little office area I have a very enthusiastic Aloe Vera growing, a couple of Avocado plants, Cherry tomatoes that survived the winter and some Daffodil’s trying to bloom to their fullness. Despite the concrete colour skies outside and the constant reminder that my lovely umbrella present was truly a good gift, spring is on its way.
Here at DVision Images I have a fabulous “It’s Almost Spring” portraits offer. For a gobsmacking bargain of £100.00, you receive a full sitting, your choice of 6 x print quality electronic images (and the matching black and whites) but please venture offer to my ‘current offers’ tab on my website for further details.
On March 17th I covered the Reading ½ Marathon for The Reading Post. I got absolutely soaked to the core however watching all the wonderful participants grit it through the heavy downpour encouraged me to stay put and keep clicking away. For full coverage of the event, nip out and grab a copy of the paper today. I had a fabulous assistant by default whom I’m very, very grateful to. (holding the umbrella for me during the heaviest fall of rain will not be forgotten). It was amazing to watch the wheelchair users hauling themselves up the 2 x hills on Whitley Wood Road in the heaviest downpour of the day. Nothing short of inspirational.
The image I chose for today’s blog is one of those pictures you don’t get to see very often during a live gig on stage. I covered the very talented The Magic Band (of Captain Beefheart Fame) last Friday at SUB89. During this particular image Mark ‘Rockette Morton’ Boston was doing a bass solo and fellow band members John “Drumbo” French (left) and Denny “Feelers Reebo” Walley were watching on. What I like about this image is that you can interpret it totally differently and see it as something else. Makes me smile.
And keeping to the topic of music, the very cool, hardcore Punk band from Canada, Cancer Bats are playing at Sub89 tonight where I’ll be waiting for them in the very sweaty pit, camera in hand, bring it on..Perhaps they can 'wake up Mrs Spring'.
Thanks for your time folks.