A quacking Pillow Fight Anyone?

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Duck Creek Pillows (c) DVision Images
It’s been 9 months since my last blog and what a crazy 9 months it has been.
I almost feel like saying “Hi everybody, forgive me it’s been 9 months since my last confession” but of course this is no Sacrament of Penance.
This is a bit of chatter from DVision Images and here we are in December 2013, looking at the peaking light coming through those curtains that is 2014. Very exciting stuff.
But first, how about a quick look back over this year?
It’s been a mad-cap, fun filled and busy year for me in business. I really feel I have hit a higher grounding on the creative ladder. 2013 has definitely been a year for weddings, events and music for me which I have soaked up like a sponge and enjoyed every minute of it. On a personal note I've also travelled a bit with adventures taking me across the pond to the fabulous San Diego to frequent stints to the beautiful country of Croatia.
Interestingly, the last sequence of dates that will occur in my lifetime occurred on 11.12.13 which made me wonder when the next sequence of orderly numbers would appear. Logic says to me it would be 01.02.03, wow, 3003. I wonder what life would be like then? What would art be like? Would photography even exist?? The mind boggles but the idea of no form of visual expression is something I just cannot comprehend. I see a personal project in the making here, a “guessing a life in 3003” perhaps?
Speaking of personal projects, the image I have chosen for today’s blog are pillows which have pictures from a series of mine called “Duck Creek”. The concept for the shoot was simple and is a reaction of sorts to ‘Swan Lake’ with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.
DVision Images has some fantastic current offers available including a Winter Wedding offer (which finishes at end of April 2014) and the Quickie offer for couples. This package is a fantastic bargain and a lot of fun. Also running is my current portrait offer which is available to groups of all sizes, big or small.
It’s 13 days till Christmas so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful clients and return customers who have supported me through another year here at DVision Images. Also a gigantic thank you to the lovely folks at the Reading Post for the opportunities to be a part of Magic Summer Live, Reading Festival and the wonderful Pride of Reading. Merry Christmas everybody and here’s to a wonderful 2014.
AND..If anyone wants a ‘quacking pillow fight’ you know who to call, orders welcome. Thanks for your time folks.