Woo hoo its the New Year!!

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Crowd Shot at Reading Festival 2013
If you’re like me and are a bit serial reader, you may have noticed an astrological reference being thrown about called the “Dark of The Moon” which we are well and truly in at the moment with the completion being around the time 2014 becomes a reality to us. What wonderful timing this is and hopefully a really good kick start to everyone for 2014.
Speaking of timing… I turned up for some ‘sales’ shopping only yesterday and was a little taken back that everything had pretty much sold. “Too slow” said the sales assistant “mostly everything has gone” she smiled. Did I feel disappointed?? NOT.AT.ALL.
While the very keen shoppers descended onto the cash tills like a swarm of locusts I guess I was possibly snuggling up to someone special, or walking along a beautiful wintery beach line with the winter sun, or drinking, eating and being merry and actually soaking up every moment. My motto at DVision Images has always been ‘capturing that moment’ and I guess I must live like that too.
Of course I have sales and offers too at DVision Images, this is a business after all. So if you happen to be looking for a wonderful portrait session with you and your partner, perhaps you’re getting married or going onto the next stage of your relationship I have a superb studio offer called the “The Quickie” for £60.00. It really is a quick photoshoot with fabulous results. Or you could be in the middle of organising a wonderful wintery wedding and haven’t booked a photographer yet. Or you are expecting a bundle of joy. Venture over to my site and navigate your way to my ‘Current Offers’ section, there just maybe something there for you.
The picture I chose for this blog is a crowd shot I took during the Greenday set at Reading Festival 2013.
It’s time to get ready to enjoy the evening festivities and as I mentioned earlier in my Facebook status I'll be unzipping out of that 2013 look and then slipping very nicely into 2014.
Happy New Year Everybody and thanks for your time.