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Must be the idea of Spring on my doorstep or the “out of control” flowering of my peace lily (a resident of DVision Images studio for 2 years) but somehow I don’t seem to mind the changeable weather of late or even those pesky raindrops against my window sill today. Dare I say, it’s almost romantic. But more than likely this coincides with the more reflective mood I have been in and the emphasis I have placed on photography as a respectable career choice. Let’s consider this;
In 10 years time when you look back at this time in your life, other than the memories you have stored away in your head, the images/photographs of today will be an absolute treasure to your older self. This is an ongoing debate I often have with people and I have always sat firmly in the camp that ‘photography is valuable’ and therefore should never be underestimated.
It takes skill and an excellent eye to produce a professional image. It really does.
So how much is my actual time worth as a photographer? Well… this is a good question and it’s hard to put a definitive value to this but when it comes to the memories created- surely these are priceless.
I love taking portraits as this is a wonderful way to capture the essence of a person’s character for that moment in time. People change, babies change, you change physically, emotionally and how you express yourself changes too.
I believe investing in photography for a wedding, for a portrait sitting and even for an event is an absolute no brainer. Having someone interpret you, your family and who you are for that moment in time, is fantastic. I’ve seen the shyest of people come to me for a portrait sitting only to leave strutting with confidence and feeling good. Or seeing the look on someone’s face that never liked an image of themselves to be absolutely loving an image.
Included amongst my current offers is a fabulous portrait offer that simply can’t be missed. My photo sessions are never generic and they really do centre around who you are.
For £100.00 you get a personalised photoshoot and from this you get to choose 6 images (and receive the matching black & whites).
The picture for today’s blog is the lovely Emily Kay who with myself and makeup artist Nat Flindall did a charity shoot for Mind (Emily raised a fantastic £5400.00).
Now… let us get back to this Spring malarkey… where are you Mrs?
Thanks for your time folks.