Radar Love

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Crowd shot at Reading Festival 2013
Every time I hear that old Golden Earring song “Radar Love” I just want to jump around, get all bluesy with my moves and even pour myself a bourbon and dry. It’s the effect music has on one’s soul. I love it. I have a huge catalogue of songs that effect me in some way or another. Some are heavy, some are light and some just completely bonkers. And in this song, when the lead singer sings “And it’s half past four and I’m shifting gear” this absolutely takes me back to the outback of Western Australia which is pretty good going for a Dutch band who were a world apart from where I grew up. I’m not even the right generation for it, I’m too young but it still hits that inner chord with me. It’s the power of music.
As I’m gearing up for the festival season it does feel pretty good to be living in a country that has so many fabulous festivals and music venues (small, medium and large) literally accessible to all.
I know that home sound systems these days are pretty amazing but nothing quite beats the real thing for me, live music rocks – literally. I love the social aspect too.
Festivals come with some fabulous fashion inspirations and people of all shapes and sizes which is great for a visual junkie like me. Even with the English weather being a tricky companion at the best of times, festival goers still always manage to amaze me with the efforts they go to and their determination, not matter the weather.
It’s also great to be part of a collective...jumping, twisting, grinding your way through what you think are pretty good dance moves. (you should of seen me during the PIL set at Guilfest 2 years back, I was a legend… well in my mind I was).
Today’s blog picture is a shot of the crowd just before Bring Me The Horizon came on stage at Reading Festival 2013 and the smoke was everywhere. Great atmosphere.
With this in mind, hopefully be seeing you in the field and thanks for your time folks.