The Boys are Back in Town

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Studio Shoot at DVision Images
Being an Aussie, of course I love the sunshine but after a scorcher of a day like today (was caught off guard); I love the freshness of this light summer rain coming down this evening. My windows are all open making the studio airy and ready for all adventures new. And speaking of new adventures, this year has seen a big increase of male portraits sittings for me. The chaps are definitely back in town and I’m pleased to say a few hitting DVision Images Studio. It’s absolutely brilliant to have more and more bookings with males wanting portraits or going for professional photography when it comes to promoting their business as well. Keep it coming boys, it’s great to have you onboard.
I was thinking the other day about images and it occurred to me that I don’t see a lot of images with the aging people of society anymore. Sure it’s out there but not very prominent. When I was growing up I used to see really beautiful portraits of ‘older people’ with their defining lines and that magic glint in their eye that does not come with youth. It could have been someone’s grandmother, the strange little old man down the road or even the isolated farmer; something like that but with all the visual pollution we have with celebrities these days it seems the deeper, more character images don’t get a chance to surface. It’s such a shame as inspirationally I’m bored with the what ‘media’ calls perfect – BRING BACK GRANNY.
As always for DVision Images June kicks off with a heady mixture of weddings, festivals and promotional/press which I’ve got to admit I thoroughly embrace.
And tomorrow I’m off to Santorini which I’m a virgin to its shores – let’s see what magic images follow me home.
Today’s blog picture is of one of my clients which I think will take you no time at all to guess what his occupation is. We did a fantastic range of images but this is definitely one of my favourites, taken in the studio, I just love it. Thanks AB.
I hope you all took a moment to reflect on the 70th anniversary of D-Day on the 6th June and if not, it’s never too late to remember. You can do it now.
But now for me.. it's all about the packing (must not forget those sun clothes) as I've already sorted my camera gear.
Thanks for your time,