Cuddly Alien, Fantasies & 2015

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official re-opening of Reading Station published in Reading Post
Ten days into 2015 and I’m finally taking a moment to reflect back on 2014. What a mixture of a year it was here at DVision Images. 2014 was liberally sprayed with many highs for me with only a smattering of challenges to keep me on my toes. As an artist and professional I’ve entered 2015 full of confidence and bursting with ideas and new projects. I’m feeling excited.
However it’s the world I live in that seems to have woken me up from my creative insular hideaway as it becomes more and more apparent that there is a lot of political, a lot of health and a lot of worldly issues that are seriously out of balance. The news is hard to ignore. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow the planet got a huge, loving hug from some gigantic burly alien and felt all warm and snug. Ha ha, I know a ridiculous piece of fiction but somehow it feels a par with all the ridiculous bad and negative news that has been happening.
Speaking of fantasy and dreams, a lot of my future private projects will be themed around these with a view to experiment on print and different print materials. It’s a healthy way for me to extend those experimental muscles whilst maintaining the commercial stream of the business.
For the immediate future however I am travelling back to my homeland and really looking forward to exploring those red deserts and mad crazy landscapes with my trusty camera to reconnect with a landscape so different to here. It will also be really wonderful to reconnect with my lovely family and friends.
Today’s blog photo is a happy one. Taken at the official re-opening of the Reading Station by the Queen. This was taken for the fab but recently ceased publication, the Reading Post.
I recall at the time feeling a bit uneasy taking an almost ‘sniper-like’ position on a carpark roof to take this photograph of her majesty. A great memory from 2014.
I will blog again on my return from my travels but I’m confident there will be social media postings of my adventures along the way. I will be available via email if you have any enquiries.
To all my customers, my friends, my inspirations and my family may 2015 be truly magical.
Thanks for your time.