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Wedding Season at DVision Images
Once again I find myself in a position where my last blog was some months ago. I so admire those fanatical bloggers who update regularly keeping the world entertained with their latest adventures. It’s not like there is a lack of adventure to write about for me either. I mean 7 weeks in Australia including a trip to New Zealand, followed with lots of events and music including Adam Ant, The Prodigy, Simple Minds and even Grandmaster Flash. There has also been a sudden increase with Boudoir Photography which has been very cheeky indeed and the interesting world of press has definitely kept me on my toes. I guess I’m not as natural with words as I am with images but that’s ok with me.
Now well into the wedding season I had the honour to capture Ruth and Nathan on their special day a few weeks back. The day was fantastic, the weather superb and together we captured some fabulous images. I love weddings and the happy energy that comes with them but for me, it’s also very much about Belle De Jour. Name inspired by but not to be confused with the 1928 novel and then the 1967 film of the same name, Belle De Jour simply means “Beauty of the Day”. Of course this has to be the Bride. For me it’s really important to capture the effort the Bride has taken to look beautiful on her day and that includes the dress. I’m pretty intent on capturing the details in the dress and often find myself disappointed when I see images elsewhere with washed out dresses with little detail.
Continuing on the theme of capturing images take a wander over to my ‘Current Offers Section’ on my website to see my Summer Portrait Offer. It’s a fabulous deal and a lot of fun.
I’m also delighted to introduce my collaborative work with the super talented Hilary Scott. Take a wander over to her website on!restaurant-advice/ctzx to see what we’re up to.
Now back to the beginning of my blog and the adventures that unfold. Very soon I’ll be taking a mini-break on the Eurostar to France. I love trains in an almost anorak-y kind of way and have often day dreamt about a dream photo shoot at Clapham Junction in London of which I have run of everything [sigh]. In my backpacking days it was all about trains and I absolutely wouldn’t swap those days for anything.
And another thing I wouldn’t swap is my ticket on that train to France either.
Bon Voyage folks and thanks for your time,