Time to snuggle.

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Under the umbrella @ Rewind Festival 2016
As much as Spring is credited as the season of love personally I get that ‘feeling’ now. I love Autumn. The colours, the coolness in the air and on a day when the sun is out the skies are absolutely stunning. With the drop in temperature it’s also a great excuse to snuggle up more and to wrap up more. No more feeling vulnerable in barely there dresses and those toes splayed out in a pair of thongs (aka flip flops).
It’s also a great time to get portraits done especially outdoors. Take a look at my current offers on the website at Current Offers... for some fabulous deals.

But, let’s go back to Autumn and that fuzzy feeling. The picture I’ve chosen for my blog today says it all. I took this shot at Rewind Festival this year for the fabulous folks at the Wokingham Paper. It was so great to be there and festival goers really get into the vibe. I spoke to this couple earlier that day when the sun was out. They had met at Rewind Festival 6 years prior and had never been photographed for press so I obliged. Later the weather turned and the heavens opened. I was walking to the photo pit to photograph the next band when I saw them and I just thought it was romantic so ‘click’ went the shutter.
Romance continues at DVision Images as I’m heading to the Malmaison Hotel in Reading for their Wedding Showcase tomorrow. If you happen in be in town please pop in and see me. I have some great wedding deals available.

So what’s new for me? Well, on the 6th July 2016 I launched another business with the talented Hilary Scott. If you are a restaurant, catering company, café, coffee shop, bakery, wine bar or even a cocktail bar please check out our website at H & D Food Solutions.. . We create images, design menus, provide marketing materials and design websites. We will also be providing images to adorn your business walls or your home kitchens. Our shared love of food and drink is evident in the work we create and I’m pleased to report 3 months in we are cooking with gas.

It’s been a great year for events and festivals for DVision Images and I’ve been involved with some terrific people. Writing this blog today I’m realising that I should write them more. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on what I have done, to look back over the shoulder and just take that moment to remember everything.
It’s like capturing the moment all over again.
Thanks for your time.